Dynamic fragments

Store settings

Store URL:
{fragment config_url|format}
Store Name:
{fragment config_name}
Store Title:{fragment config_meta_title}
Store Owner: {fragment config_owner}
Store Address: {fragment config_address}
Store Phone: {fragment config_telephone}
Store Fax: {fragment config_fax}
Store Email: {fragment config_email}
Store Opening: {fragment config_open}
Store Comment: {fragment config_comment}
Store Image: {fragment config_image|format}
Fragment not found, the fragment will be removed
Custom fragment 1
Custom fragment 2 with PHP code

Extension 'Store Company ID/VAT/IBAN/BIC' settings

Store Company ID
{fragment config_company_id}
Store VAT number
{fragment config_company_tax_id}
Store IBAN
{fragment config_company_iban}
Store BIC
{fragment config_company_bic}

Product dynamic fragments

  1. Name
  2. Description
  3. Model
  4. Manufacuturer
  5. Price
  6. Special price
  7. Ex. Tax
  8. Minimum Quantity
  9. Quantity
  10. Thumb image URL
  11. Thumb image formated
  12. Popup image URL
  13. Popup image formated
  14. Extra Thumb images formated
  15. Extra Popup images formated
  1. {fragment product|30|name}
  2. {fragment product|30|description}
  3. {fragment product|30|model}
  4. {fragment product|30|manufacturer}
  5. {fragment product|30|price}
  6. {fragment product|30|special}
  7. {fragment product|30|tax}
  8. {fragment product|30|minimum}
  9. {fragment product|30|quantity}
  10. {fragment product|30|thumb}
  11. {fragment product|30|thumb|format}
  12. {fragment product|30|popup}
  13. {fragment product|30|popup|format}
  14. {fragment product|30|images|thumb|1|format}
  15. {fragment product|30|images|popup|1|format}